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Website Remediation

SF Web Accessibility can help you achieve your accessibility compliance goals with our website accessibility repair & remediation services.

Our website remediation services complies with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards. Our accessibility repair services include:

Theme and Template Repair

Whether you’re using static HTML/CSS, WordPress, Umbraco, Squarespace, or any content management system, website themes can contain accessibility errors that can pose significant barriers for people with disabilities. At SF Web Accessibility, we provide a code repairs and style sheet repair to address core accessibility issues that arise on multiple pages across your website. Some examples of typical errors in web templates include:

  • HTML/CSS Syntax Errors
  • Images missing alternate text(alt-text)
  • Keyboard accessibility problems – navigation systems and pages not usable with a keyboard only
  • Contrast errors – insufficient contrast between foreground and background elements
  • And more

Our accessibility specialist will update your website theme, templates, and style sheets to remove accessibility barriers, and re-rest pages to verify conformance with WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1.

Get Started

We typically begin with a website consultation and later start the remediation process. 

Please contact us for a quote to get started.