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Captions allow the content of web audio and video to be available to those who do not have access to sound.

Why Caption?

Though captioning is initially intended for those who cannot hear the music, it has also been found to help others such as people in a loud setting or students using captions to help focus. In fact here are some significant reasons for using captions:

  • To help viewers stay focused
  • To watch a video in noisy/quiet environments-
  • To understand the language-
  • To accommodate a hearing disability-
  • To learn new vocabulary-

Standard web accessibility guidelines indicate that captions should be:

  • Equal – content provided in captions should be identical to that of the spoken word
  • In-Sync – the text content should appear at about the same time that audio is available
  • Available – caption content should be readily accessible and usable to those who need it

Please contact us for to get started on video captioning