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Website Design

SF Web Accessibility is one of the few web design agency that specializes in making ADA friendly websites.

What is an ADA Compliant website?

An ADA compliant website means ensuring that individuals who are visually impaired or hearing-impaired or those who must navigate with assistive technologies are still able to meaningfully engage with the content on your website. This can be prepared in many ways, including some that are not immediately visible.

Why does this matter?

ADA lawsuits typically come with a hefty price tag, possibly up to $37,000. Building an ADA compliant website help protect your business from being targeted by lawsuits. We also like to mention that there are tremendous benefits to making an ADA compliant website, such as improved search engine optimization. Lastly, it’s the right thing to do. Nothing speaks louder for your brand that showing initiative and care to everyone. According to WebAIM’s 1 million website case study, nearly 97.8% of websites had accessibility issues.

Our Process

We always begin with an initial website consultation and later send you a custom-tailored quote. This allows us to really get to know you and your organizations to ensure we solve all of your needs. After a design sign off, our graphic designer will work with you and send custom-tailored designs, and then development begins until launch. Our process is straightforward, easy, and, most importantly, fun.


We value communication and transparency with all of our clients. Our ADA compliant websites typically range from $8000 to $20000. Every single website we build is developed from scratch with a talented and experienced team in web development and design. 

Get Started

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