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Accessibility Training:

SF Web Accessibility can provide training and professional development for developers and managers in your organizations or sub-organizations throughout the globe.

Onsite Training 1-4 Hours (Recommended)

Training fee’s for this session typically ranges from $1500 to $2500 plus travel expenses for a half-day presentation. We will speak on policies of web accessibility and implementation.

Onsite Training 1-2 Days

Training fees are typically $4000 t0 $7000 plus travel expenses for a one-day training with one trainer onsite, or $12000 to $14000 plus travel expenses for a two-day training with two trainers on site (these prices are for training held in the US or Canada only, international costs can be negotiated). We do not have a limit on the number of participants in the training. We’d be happy to review the pricing or customization of a training package with you.

Contact Us To Get Started

For both packages, we can custom-build a program to fit your requirements, such as budget and time constraints. Our more advanced onsite training sessions last one or two full days. However, we can always adjust our schedule, such as providing half-day training. Please use the contact form on the contact page.

If you are local in the bay area, please contact us for an individual quote, as travel expenses will not be needed.

What’s included in the training

Our web accessibility training combinations are customized to the needs of your organization. Each seminar is a little different, but we ordinarily train on the accessibility of the following teachings:

  • How users with disabilities access and utilize the web
  • Web accessibility guidelines and regulations – Section 508, WCAG 2/2.1, ADA, etc.
  • Recognized Policies of Web Accessibility
  • JavaScript, ARIA, and HTML5
  • CSS
  • Video Captioning and Transcripts
  • Evaluating website accessibility
  • Using screen readers and other assistive technologies
  • Policy creation and implementation
  • System change for accessibility