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Although SF Web Accessibility offers education, evaluation, certification, website design, and other services, many clients we serve have different needs, such as consulting.

Consulting Overview:

Here are a few cases of supplementary ways SF Web Accessibility has helped clients in the past:

  • Continuous or on-demand accessibility assistance and technical assistance. Sometimes it’s handy to have access to experts who can solve questions at a critical time.
  • Producing customized training or reference materials.
  • Evaluating the accessibility of third-party applications or widgets.
  • Policy advancement and implementation.
  • Coordinating the efforts of managers, programmers, developers, content creators, and others.


Many of our clients will contact us repeatedly after our initial work. Occasionally you will need to update the appearance, layout, or structure of your website. As these changes occur, you may need to adjust the accessibility of your site. The experts at SF Web Accessibility understand that accessibility is sometimes a complicated endeavor and are skilled in helping you meet your accessibility needs.

Hourly Rate

Our Consulting & Technical Assistance services are generally billed hourly at a rate of $150/hour. We’d be happy to discuss how we can assist you in your accessibility efforts.

Get started

Contact SF Web Accessibility to discuss how our consulting service can help you.