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Accessible website certification is one part of a multifaceted partnership with an organization seeking to promote a culture of accessible website design and development. This can also include team training, website evaluation, ongoing consulting, automated scanning… all tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

What is site certification?

SF Web Accessibility will publish a statement on, declaring the level of accessibility of your website on a specific date.

How much does certification cost?

We do not charge for the certificate itself; it is included as part of a more extensive engagement we worked on with you.

What if a certified site starts to have accessibility problems?

SF Web Accessibility website certifications are for a specific date and conformance level. It is up to you to secure that your website maintains that level of accessibility over time. SF Web Accessibility can help you in these efforts by auditing & re-certifying your site at regular intervals in the future.

Please contact us to get started.