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About Us:

SF Web Accessibility is a web design agency with a core value of creating comprehensive web accessibility solutions.

SF Web Accessibility

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We have years of web accessibility expertise. We’ve undergone training in Web Accessibility and continue to contribute into the a11y community. SF Web Accessibility is committed to the development of accessible web content and technologies worldwide. We value the principles of volunteerism and the importance of making contributions above our own funding streams.

Our Mission

We’re San Francisco Web Accessibility, it’s our mission to make the world a more accessible place. We’re a team of web developers, designers, and creatives on a mission to build inclusive website’s on site at a time. Did you know, in a recent study created by WebAIM 97.8% of website’s had some form of accessibility errors on their website?

We strive to

  • provide services directly to organizations
  • Developing accessible websites and graphics
  • Foster an active online community and exchange environment
  • Engaging in research, and
  • Participating in policy dialogues and processes for accessibility.

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

– Tim Berners-Lee, Creator of World Wide Web